Linux delete user command

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  • Do you want to remove a user account from the Linux based system? Use the userdel command on the command line. This page shows how to delete users on Linux.

    Linux delete user command

    As root user type command

    userdel {username}
    sudo userdel {username}
    userdel [option] {username}

    How to list users on Linux system

    Use the cat command or more command to view /etc/passwd file:

    $ cat /etc/passwd
    $ more /etc/passwd

    How to search for given username

    Use the following grep command to locate a particular user name:

    $ grep "^username" /etc/passwd
    $ grep "^raj" /etc/passwd

    Deleting user account named raj

    Say you want to delete user named raj, run:

    $ sudo userdel raj


    # userdel raj

    Verify that user account deleted from the Linux:

    $ grep "^raj" /etc/passwd

    alt text

    Deleting user account named raj using userdel command on Linux

    Linux remove user account command

    One can combine usedel command with the -r option. The -r option removes user’s home directory along with all files and email. The syntax is:

    userdel -r {username}
    sudo userdel -r {username}

    For example remove user named tristan and delete the user’s home directory too:

    $ sudo userdel -r tristan


    # userdel -r tristan

    Make sure user account delete on Linux. Run id command or grep command for verification:

    $ id tristan
    $ grep "^tristan" /etc/passwd
    $ sudo ls /home/tristan/

    How to remove any SELinux user mapping for the user’s login


    sudo userdel -Z -r {username}
    sudo userdel -Z -r vivek

    How to forcefully delete user account when is currently logged in to Linux server

    Pass the -f option to the userdel command. It forces the removal of the user account, even if the user is still logged in. For example:

    $ sudo userdel -r rob
    [sudo] password for vivek:
    userdel: user rob is currently used by process 4650

    To get rid of “userdel: user rob is currently used by process 4650“, run:

    $ sudo userdel -r -f rob
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