Azur3Alph4 - A PowerShell Module That Automates Red-Team Tasks For Ops On Objective

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  • Azur3Alph4 is a PowerShell module that automates red-team tasks for ops on objective. This module situates in a post-breach (RCE achieved) position. Token extraction and many other tools will not execute successfully without starting in this position. This module should be used for further enumeration and movement in a compromised app that is part of a managed identity.
    Azur3Alph4 is currently in development. Modules are being worked on and updated. Most of this is still untested.
    Scripts are in repo for individual use and easy identification, but the .psm1 file is what will be consistently updated.
    Installation & Usage
    Import-Module Azur3Alph4
    Point the $envendpoint to cmd execution passing "env" to the Azure backend.
    Updates - 8/10/2021

    • Added Get-ResourceActions.ps1 and updated Azur3Alph4.psm1
      Updates - 8/5/2021
    • Made Azur3Alph4 modular
    • Added Get-SubscriptionId function
      Why This Was Built
    • I built this because I wanted to learn more about both PowerShell and Azure, two things I'd definitely like to get better at.
    • To help automate and eliminate a lot of repetitive PS commands.
    • To build off my current knowledge of Azure red teaming
      Function List
      Enumerates an Azure endpoint to verify whether or not it belongs to a managed identity
      Grabs the Managed Identity Token from the endpoint using the extracted secret. Stores the value in a given variable
      Takes a username and password variable and automates SecureString conversion and connects to an Azure account
      Gets the subscription ID using the REST API for Azure
      Uses the subscription ID to enumerate all resources that are accessible
      Enumerates all resources available using Azure token and lists permissions of each resource directly below it
    • Big shout out to @nikhil_mitt for the CARTP course that got me started in Azure
      Download Azur3Alph4
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